Volunteer and Guest Testimonials


“I swear I’m here to tell you I had the best meal of my life tonight, and every time I come here we get a really great meal. People here are fantastic, they take care of everybody, and if I lived a hundred miles away I’d still try to get here.”


-Jim M, HMFA guest

“The reason I come every month is not just because it’s a meal, it’s a social event. The people that I know come here to eat the meal, and we enjoy each other’s company. It’s a time where people can share, people can have community with each other, and really, you know, take the edge off.

Because a lot of us are single people, or a lot of us may not have relatives in the area and we don’t have anybody. We’re single so if we stay home we’re just at home by ourselves. So, I come for the community but obviously I also come for the food because it’s very good, it’s very well prepared.”

-John R, Somerville resident and HMFA guest

“Oh it’s a wonderful place. This is the highpoint of my month. I love the food, the way it’s served, the way it’s prepared, the local sources…and then of course the culture! That it’s locally sourced- I love that fact alone: Massachusetts, New Hampshire…I mean California’s alright but it comes a long way before it gets here. And it (the meal) is well prepared and beautifully served. These volunteers that you have are super talented. It’s a very elegant event.

-Stef, retired engineer, HMFA guest for 3+ years

This is the best BBQ ever! They (the HMFA meals) are prepared differently (compared to other community meals), they’re prepared more like homemade rather than industrial. It’s necessary for me to come (to the meals) because right now I’m low on stock at home and low on funds to go shopping to buy groceries, and so I was looking forward to this meal
especially since I have to go to meals, as many as possible, so I’m glad this meal is here.”

-Daniel, HMFA guest for 4+ years


“I came to Hearty Meals with a friend when I was new to the area, and then I came back because I saw the need to make a difference in my own community. Knowing that I will see the same welcoming faces – within our volunteer group and among our guests, both – keeps me motivated through the week. Sharing food is the most basic and powerful way to build community and show your neighbors that you care about them. Even after spending 3 hours on my feet, I leave every meal energized and ready to change the world!”


– Sally B, Somerville resident and HMFA Board President

Last updated August 5, 2017